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I am a freelance writer based in Buckinghamshire who encourages commissions, welcomes interviews and undertakes reviews. Whilst the lure of humour is a constant temptation, flexibility remains the embodiment of my vocation and I relish the opportunity to cover whatever topics embrace an Editor's agenda.

For what else to do when your husband is either jetting around the globe making frightfully important business decisions, or visiting the colonies on a rugby tour? Clearly, my over ripe imagination demands an outlet; hence I indulge in literary creativity.

So, with a glorious view from the west wing stimulating my senses, I encourage my B-cups to runneth over, allowing a plethora of magazines and journalistic outlets to benefit from my talents.

There's my creative writing workshops, too, along with courses, a critique service and . . . ooh, crikey! Sorry, must dash, my muffins are about to peak and my high-on-hormones daughter needs collecting from her educational establishment


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